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What do you get at Tufts? A rigorous engineering education in a unique environment that blends the intellectual and technological resources of a world-class research university with the strengths of a top-ranked liberal arts college.


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Mechanical engineering offers career opportunities in many different types of industries and projects. With an MS from Tufts School of Engineering, you’ll graduate with a high level of comfort working in computational design and simulation tools—allowing you to apply the principles of your mechanical engineering degree to virtually any field. That’s the beauty of mechanical engineering. Countless industries need designers and thinkers with a systems background in solving complex engineering problems—and that’s exactly what you’ll offer.

Careers for graduates include:

  • Manufacturing engineer 
  • Systems engineer 
  • Aerospace engineer 
  • Robotics engineer 
  • Automotive engineer 
  • Waste management engineer 
  • Marine and ocean engineer 
  • HVAC engineer 
  • Nuclear engineer 
  • Bioengineer 
  • Agricultural engineer 

Source: bls.gov

Meet Professor Kristen Wendell

Mechanical circuit wiring on a table

“I think engineering, and mechanical engineering in particular, gives such an empowering perspective on the world that we live in. We interact with designed artifacts almost every minute of every day. Studying mechanical engineering—especially at the depths that you do in a master's degree program—gives you the capacity to make decisions about the technologies you use and to understand the influence they have on society.

Associate Professor Kristen Wendell, Mechanical Engineering

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Research Areas

  • Thermo-fluid systems 
  • Material mechanics and processing 
  • Robotic, autonomous, and aerospace systems
  • Product design and human factors engineering
  • Engineering education

Make Systems Work Across Industries

Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest engineering fields. At Tufts, you’ll work extensively with the tools you need to succeed across many different engineering industries, such as automotive, aerospace, shipping, power, heating and cooling, and machinery—as well as the new and emerging fields of robotics, micro-devices and nano-devices, and medical equipment.

Engineering from A to Z

Mechanical engineers participate in every phase of the research and development process. Regardless of what industry you’re in, you’ll invent, analyze, and manufacture mechanical components and systems to help solve a particular problem or create a new product. It is very fulfilling to see your hard work pay off every step of the way—from conception, to creation, to distribution.

At Tufts, you’ll work with world-renowned engineering faculty at the top of their disciplines. Combine classroom teaching and hands-on learning to earn a degree that will prepare you for success. Take advantage of Tufts’ dedicated career and networking resources, explore the Tufts campus just a few miles from the high-tech hubs of Boston and Cambridge, and get ready for the next step in your professional life.


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Entry terms: 

Application Deadlines: 

Fall & Spring


March 15


September 15

Discover Academic Excellence

The Tufts mechanical engineering program is distinguished by its opportunities to work closely with faculty. Graduate students have the chance to collaborate with and learn from some of the most renowned experts in the country, all while seamlessly transitioning from graduate studies to a full-time career.

Program Highlights

  • Small class sizes
  • Personalized path of study
  • Mentorship from professors at the top of their fields
  • Collaborative research that crosses disciplines
  • Five miles from the high-tech hub of Boston


  • Applicants are not required to submit GRE scores when applying to the Mechanical Engineering program.
  • TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo scores if applicable.

Earn Two Degrees in Just 2 Years

At Tufts, hone your innovation, leadership, and management skills alongside your technical skills and graduate ready to lead. On-campus students can apply to our dual degree program and earn an MS in Innovation and Management and an MS offered by one of the six academic departments in the School of Engineering. Earn both degrees in an accelerated timeframe and at a reduced cost.

Graduate Cooperative Education (Co-Op) Program

The School of Engineering’s Graduate Cooperative Education (Co-Op) Program offers graduate students numerous advantages specific to the engineering discipline. Engineering co-op programs provide students with the opportunity to apply the theoretical principles they have learned in their coursework to real-world engineering projects. This practical experience enhances their understanding of engineering concepts and prepares them for the challenges they may face in their future careers.